Building Automation

Don’t Just Manage—Take Control

Building automation is an important part of a modern commercial HVAC system. By continually monitoring inputs and transmitting data, utilizing building automation provides you with a range of benefits, including:

  • lowered energy costs
  • reduced personnel costs
  • less equipment failures
  • fewer unnecessary service calls
  • greater efficiency
  • improved comfort


With the right building automation system in place, you have the ability to monitor a variety of systems—from electrical to mechanical—to ensure everything is operating at peak efficiency. You can control your system remotely, whether a desktop computer, laptop, even a mobile device. Updates and alerts can be sent when necessary to notify HVAC teams via email, text messages, or pagers.


But behind all the benefits lies a complex and sophisticated command & control system with hundreds or even thousands of components. That’s why the highly trained building automation specialists of ACS are ready to help you.


Whether you need to monitor and control one space or hundreds, ACS building automation experts can assist you, providing superior service and industy-leading brands. Contact us today to take back control of your space.


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"Our institutionally-capitalized industrial development company develops millions of square feet each year throughout Southern California. Intense competition for resources and tenants demands that we rely on only the best consultants. ACS has been our “go-to” for all things HVAC for over a decade. With trusted value and reliability, ACS is the gold-standard for design-build and maintenance services. I highly recommend ACS."

- Clark Neuhoff, Chief Development Officer at APG

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